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Homemade baby food

Homemade baby food

It’s that time again for me…where my baby grabs everything I try to eat or drink, mimics my mouth while I eat.  She has all the signs of being ready for food!  I made all my own baby food for my first so in my mom brain, it’s only fair I do it for the 2nd.  It is SO simple, you guys! All you do is steam, puree, and freeze! It also, saves you money!


Side note-Natalie and I are all about keeping things real, so if I’m being real….I tried to stall as long as I could with baby food making.  We are usually at the lake on the weekends, I didn’t want to have to travel with food all the time. I stalled as long as I could. So here we are.  3 easy peasy steps…


Step 1. Steam.  I love my pampered chef steamer. I use it all the time! I did carrots here but you can do anything! Add water and steam.

Step 2. Puree. I have the cheap version of a nutribullet. I think it was $17 bucks.  I use it for smoothies & purees.  It has held up really well.

Step 3. Freeze. My food storage I bought for my baby food is tried & true! I swear by it. It’s made by Annabel Karmel by Nuk and I bought them from Target.  It is silicone so popping the cubes out is SO easy! Washes great too! You can find them here.

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