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DIY Fireplace Makeover

DIY Fireplace Makeover

Making Our New House Feel New

It’s funny buying an older home with “character” because a lot of the things in the house that give it  personality are things we would have never picked out ourselves. It’s been a fun challenge and has us constantly thinking outside of the box when it comes to new updates; like what can we change, what can we knock down and what needs to stay but can be improved.


For one… this fireplace:

First of all… it’s huge, takes over the entire room and is very dark. I’ve never seen a fireplace with wings like this. It looked better when we painted the walls. The original color was a mustard yellow, making the room feel very dark. But even with painted walls, this still felt dated, dark and not our style. After a date night to pick out decorations for the house, we came home and put our new stuff up on the mantle and it all just got lost in the brick. So we decided to paint it white and I am so glad we did, it has made such a huge difference in the room.

It’s as easy as it looks!

If you’re looking to do this, go to Sherwin Williams website and watch their video. They give you the step by step along with what supplies to buy. Kevin called our local store in the morning and had them put everything aside for us, the paint, the brush, sponge, everything. When I got there with both kids it started pouring rain, so now I had two kids and a box of supplies to carry out to the car. Not ideal. The people who were there working were so wonderful and carried our stuff out for us. The entire experience was so nice.

Cameron was really excited to be part of the project. It was pretty simple: brush, vacuum, scrub with a sponge and de-greaser, we used Spic and Span, let it dry, prime, let it sit, paint and your done. Cameron and I did all the prep before Kevin got home from work. After dinner he started priming and I helped him when the kids went to bed. The next night, he primed it and it was done! This fresh new look actually looks like something we would have picked out and gives the home that character that we love.


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