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Finding time

Finding time

Once I had baby #2 (in January), I feel like my brain has been fried.  I have become so forgetful.  I am always trying to find time these days.  As moms, we juggle so much, trying to keep the kids doctor appointments straight, finding time for play dates, making sure dinner is on the table, & oh by the way, a workout for ourselves would be nice.  Our friends, Anna & Layla, over at MyBabyCare have a great idea on how to meal plan for the week, which will save you so much time, you can read that here.  I also love their idea of making a list of what you would do if you have free time for yourself.  When you get that free time, you do what is on your list!   We somehow have to be able to carve time out of our busy schedules for oursleves. Ain’t no one happy, if mama ain’t happy.  Right?  We have to give ourselves more credit for everything we do for our families, the list is never ending. It is so worth it though & I wouldn’t change this life for anything, even if my threenager has asked “WHY?” for the  78th time in the hour.  You feel me?

I would be lost without my calendar.  I keep it simple and use the calendar on my phone.  I keep EVERYTHING in there! Doctor appointments, birthdays, play dates, my appointments, my hubby’s appointments, & his travel schedule, the list goes on.  What does everyone else use to keep the family organized and on the same page? I would love to hear what works for everyone!

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