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Basically Sprinkles is Back!

We know… we got all excited, launched our blog, created a Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest account, got lots of positive feedback then we got pregnant, got tired and we totally dropped the ball on our blog. Ahhh! #fail #youknowyouramomwhenyouonlyusehashtagsinyourblog

When we started Basically Sprinkles we wanted to create an environment that was useful to our circle of Mom friends but was also realistic. We wanted a creative outlet that allowed us to post tips and tricks to this parenting puzzle as well as recipes, home decorating ideas, fitness tips and more. Most importantly, we wanted to keep it real. Instead of third birthday party ideas that looked like Martha Stewart hosted, our wish was to showcase ideas that anyone can do and do on a budget. We got caught up in trying to take the perfect pictures and only posting “pinterest worthy” posts. That’s exhausting! And the opposite of what we were trying to do… we don’t have time to keep up with the perfection because we’re not perfect…hence the launch of “basically sprinkles.”

So, one year later, here we are. A lot of changes, we both got pregnant and had beautiful, healthy baby girls… did not blog about our maternity fashion or cravings, lol. But we’re back so get ready for the following posts:

  • Post Partum Problems… hair, body and crazy emotions
  • When did Easter become the second Christmas?
  • This weather with my toddler
  • Tips for traveling with two kids
  • Pancake and PJ Birthday Party
  • Why You Need Mom Friends like Me and Rachel – yes this is really the article

And many more to come. Stay tuned, like, share, send feedback. This is us… loving Mom life, constantly trying to figure out our fun, loving, boundary-pushing and oh, so adorable toddlers, savoring the baby cuddles and remembering to make time for date nights with our husbands. Just two friends trying to keep things real and cute (obviously) all at the same time.






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