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For Real, Easter is NOT Christmas

For Real, Easter is NOT Christmas

Isn’t One Christmas Enough?

Does anyone else feel the same way? Seriously! I heard myself tell my son in Target the other day to put down the hotwheels because the Easter Bunny is coming soon… WHAT?! Wait, am I even putting Hot Wheels in his basket? And does this Bunny bring toys? I’m pretty sure growing up we got a basket full of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, candy and a chocolate rabbit. And we were happy with that. I also surprised myself when my son asked me how the Easter Bunny get the baskets to our house and how does he come in? Does he come in through the chimney? Well obviously these are logical questions that my curious toddler is entitled to ask, so here I am, lying to him.

But how does this giant bunny carry all these baskets? It’s starting to give me a headache. So for now, we’re focusing on the real meaning of Easter, Christ Our Lord.¬†And I am just changing the subject when it comes to complicated bunny questions. I’ve also filled his basket with candy, chalk and bubbles, a new sticker book a some tiny transformer toys. This year, it’s time to set the tone… Easter is not Christmas, not a time to replenish your toy collection, it’s a time to rejoice and reflect.


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