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Pie Night!

Pie Night!


Our family has started the tradition of homemade pizza on Friday nights! We love making them at home for so many good reasons but no.1 reason is that the toppings and options are endless! You can create whatever you want, however you like it! I love my pampered chef pizza stone. It makes the crust perfect (if you like the crunchy outside, soft inside!) Save on the greasiness of store bought pizza & save some money, to me thats a win-win! It is quite simple too! We buy the bag of  dough mix for .52cents at Walmart.  You can find them at any grocery store, usually in the baking aisle. If you want a thicker crust use 2 bags for 1 pie! My favorite to make is Margherita pizza! I slice up some Roma tomatoes, however many you want on your pie! I use my pampered chef garlic slicer for super paper thin slices of garlic! (If you like garlic, it’s a must have tool in the kitchen!) Chop up some basil!  Fresh mozzrella  cut in thin slices.  Use fresh mozzarella, cause it truly makes a difference!  Grab your salt & pepper! Don’t forget your olive oil!

Turn oven to bake at 400*.  I follow the directions on the dough mix. Usually, all it calls for is adding a 1/2 cup warm water.  I shape my dough to my liking. Drizzle olive oil all over the dough.  Drop your garlic where you want it. Salt & Pepper the whole pie. Place your tomatoes. Layer the cheese over the pizza. (Totally fine to cover the tomatoes!) Place the basil over the cheese. Pop the pie in the oven bake for 15-20min! Enjoy!







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