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Homemade Cooking with Homegrown Herbs

Homemade Cooking with Homegrown Herbs

For many reasons, summer is an amazing time of year and today, I’m focusing on how summer impacts what we eat. The weather is perfect for grilling, there’s an abundance of fruits and vegetables to be had and we’re adding some fresh, organic spices to our favorite healthy meals. I LOVE my Herb pots, my Mother-in-law plants them for me every year for Mother’s Day and I use them the entire summer and as far into fall as I can. Whether it’s Basil in my water (or my vodka tonic when I’m not preggo….), Mint for a Mojito, Oregano in pasta sauce, and more, every year I find new, easy and creative ways to incorporate fresh herbs into my homemade meals.

This weekend I cut fresh chives and mixed them up with extra virgin olive oil, paprika, black pepper, garlic, and sea salt and made roasted red potatoes. Along with this, I marinated organic chicken breast in fresh lime juice, garlic salt and chives from my herb pot to grill a perfect Cilantro Lime Chicken. It was a perfect “Feeling like summer” type of meal.

And if you can’t tell from some of our previous posts, we’re slightly obsessed with Veggie Sandwiches… Adding snipped Parsley gave the sandwich even more of a fresh taste in addition to all the vegetables.


Plant, water, grow and enjoy 🙂

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