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Baby Bump or Big Lunch?!

Baby Bump or Big Lunch?!



Baby bump is just about 16 weeks and this is the stage I’m in; the phase where the belly is not yet a full, obvious baby bump which makes you the subject of a lot of speculation.

Any Mom who has ever been pregnant before knows exactly what I’m talking about. The ever so obvious stares, the round about questions like… “is he your only one?” And not to mention, what to wear these days. Not quite big enough for maternity clothes but starting to outgrow your pants.

Right now, stretchy jeans, leggings and anything loose fitting has been my go-to.  I am looking forward to getting a little bigger so I can start rocking maxi dresses and maternity tops.  I am also reminding myself that in a few months, I will have a hard time remembering what life was like when I could still fit in my pants, so this awkward stage has it’s perks.

Until then… every time something feels a little bit tighter, it’s a happy reminder that the baby is growing and changing every day. And while early maternity style may feel like a chore sometimes, the reality is that it’s a privilege to have to change seven different times just to end up in the first outfit you tried on all because of another baby on the way… so bring on the wardrobe malfunctions and bring on the bump!




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