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Why Basically Sprinkles…

Why Basically Sprinkles…



Some of our readers may be wondering the story behind our name, “Basically Sprinkles.”


Who doesn’t love sprinkles? We sure do! And when we really started talking about our Blog we wanted the name to be a reflection of us, who we are as people, as Moms, and how we live our lives. So, like, many of our followers, we are passionate about our children, families, friends, spouses, & our lifestyles… ¬†we also happen to be the glue that holds everything together. Neither of us would change what we have for the world, even on our most chaotic day, we LOVE being Moms and all the fun, crazy, challenging, stressful, loving moments that comes with it (sprinkles!) At the same time, we admit that we are not perfect, life is not perfect and this parenting thing is not always sunshine and rainbows… So, yes, for the most part everything IS rainbows and sprinkles….. basically.

Please join us as we start this bascially sprinkles adventure! The more the merrier & knoweledge is power, is our thought process! We have some great ideas but we sure don’t know everything! If you feel so inclined to comment or make a suggestion, we encourage it! We would love to hear from you! We only hope that this blog can help us become better moms, wives, & friends. There is always room for improvement & the drive to be the best version of ourselves. Thanks for following along, friends!

xoxo- Natalie & Rachel




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