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Surviving the First Trimester the Second Time Around

Surviving the First Trimester the Second Time Around

We’re finally expecting our second baby! Seriously, we could not be more excited to grow our little family and give our son a younger brother or sister. But inevitably, that first trimester rolled in like a quiet storm, calm at times then full of thunder and lightening at others. Unlike the first time, now I have a tiny human in the form of a three year old who does not care nor understand the concept of being exhausted an hour after waking up or nauseous by the sight of a peeled banana – I still don’t understand that!

But here we are, 14 weeks in and feeling normal again, having energy and an appetite that’s ready to make up for those past twelve weeks, lol. Here are a few tips on getting through the first 12 weeks with a little one at home:

  1.  Ask for help! From your Husband, Mom, your Mother-in-law, neighbors, friends, whoever. Even if it’s just an hour, those little breaks help.
  2. Throw the Mom guilt to the side! For real, this one needs to be addressed. Will you feel bad that you have no energy? Probably. Will your child watch a little more TV than normal? It’s possible. Will it last forever? NOPE. Right now, you’re body is changing and in the process of developing another person, so stop feeling guilty, you’re not a bad Mom if you do a movie night three nights in a row.  The time will pass and you’ll be yourself again. So relax and do what you need to do to survive.
  3. Tell a few close friends and family. I know you’re supposed to keep the first trimester a hidden secret but it’s a pretty tough secret to keep. So share your news with people you are close with in your life. It helps to have a circle of support checking on you and knowing what you’re going through.
  4. Take advantage of the moments you feel like yourself.  Go on walks or do an easy activity together. Read, play hide-n-seek, etc. Those moments remind you that you’re old self is still there and will be back again soon.
  5. Nap or relax when you can. I’ve never been big into napping but if you’re able to at least take 30 minutes to an hour to nap or just lay on the couch and binge watch “The Voice,” do it. The down time helps and you need it.

Soon you will be yourself again and a little baby belly will starting to grow. Enjoy this phase and rely on those around you for help. You will get through it mama!

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