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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring But Today will not be Boring!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring But Today will not be Boring!

Rainy Days with toddlers…. need I say more?

Ok, so when you’re locked inside and feeling like there aren’t enough toys in the house anymore to keep everyone entertained, we have a few quick homemade fixes for that.

Singing in the Rain

If it’s nice enough, definitely put on a rain coat and a pair of boots and enjoy splashing in puddles, skipping rocks and playing in the rain!

Finger Painting

I suggest taping construction paper to the surface to avoid a big mess and use safe and washable finger paints.

Bathroom Foam

This one if fun, clean and leaves them smelling delicious.

1/4 c. Dawn Dish Soap

1/2 c. Water

Drops of food coloring to the get the desired color. Use a mixer on high and watch it turn into a bubbly, colorful foamy mix. Rinses right off the tub.

Baking Soda and Food Coloring

Take a pan and fill it with baking soda and sugar. In a few separate cups, use food color and water to create different colors. Then allow them to spoon out the colors into the mixture. They love to hear the baking soda fizz and watch the colors mix together.

Hopefully a few of these ideas can brighten your next rainy day!


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