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Another Baby On The Way!

Another Baby On The Way!

This has been my favorite thing to post so far! So many emotions when you’re pregnant the second time around. Making it through the first trimester with a toddler was much more challenging this time. But we did it! Here we are, 14 weeks in and everything is starting to feel more real. Little bump is starting to show, I have my energy back and we can finally share our news.

Sharing it with Cameron this time around has been especially sweet. His reaction to “Mommy has a baby in her belly” was priceless and I love his questions about the baby. He loves to look at the interactive baby pictures on The Bump App and talk about the size of the baby each week. He has so many questions about the baby; what it’s doing, how it eats, what it likes the most and when baby will be here. However, since we have to make his “toy room” into the baby’s room he has told us that the baby can sleep in the family room or kitchen instead…. lol


I know that we are headed for a new reality and there will be so many adjustments to be had. It’s only been Cameron for the past three years and my goal this summer is to enjoy all the time we have just the two of us before baby arrives. We can’t wait to expand our family this fall, to continue to grow in our marriage, as parents and as individuals. Six short months and our lives will be once again changed forever and for the better ♥




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